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Wonton Shrimp Stirfry

by Chris Carlton

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Heyyyyyy it’s Tiffany from Creme de la Crumb! I can’t believe we are half way through June. HOW did that happen??? I am loving this summer more than ever though now that my twin kidlets are crawling around and we can enjoy the sunshine outside together. Every single day we walk to the park, or sit out on the grass in the backyard or in the kiddie pool and I tell ya, I probably love it more than they do.

Wonton Shrimp Stirfry in a white bowl over white rice.

We are so busy these days that quick, tasty, 30-minute meals are saving my sanity right now. This amazing shrimp stirfry was inspired by a popular Applebee’s dish and I am in love! The sauce is sweet and savory and a little spicy – everything I love in a good stirfry! Feel free to swap veggies for any you prefer or play with the amount of heat in the recipe – it’s easily customizable!

Wonton Shrimp Stirfry in a large pan with a wooden spoon.


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