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Roasted Mushroom Sandwich with Horseradish Aioli Recipe


The Mushroom Sandwich That I Can’t Give up

Do I at all times speak about Ang or do I at all times speak about Ang?

Actually, all my favourite meals concepts come from Ang. Texas fashion chili, hen wraps, and the well-known tortellini soup.

I bought a textual content just a few weeks in the past from Ang with a photograph of her sandwich – like buddies do – which was layers of roast beef, arugula, havarti, and horseradish aioli on the caramelized onion focaccia from Dealer Joe’s. I spent a minimum of 10 minutes simply zoomed in on the photograph, inspecting each saucy element. Then I went and instantly made one for myself.

I used to be feeling referred to as to a no-beef-but-still-beefy mushroom model, and it’s past.

That horseradish aioli is pulled from the previous fave portobello French dip recipe (5 star, so good), and the roasty mushrooms, havarti, and arugula create layers of taste that have been simply meant to be collectively. It is perhaps excessive, however I additionally like a shmear of pesto rosso on the underside of the focaccia so you may get a bit tomatoey brightness within the combine.

Please go sink your tooth into this smushy, saucy, salty and hefty masterpiece. It’s a good one.

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