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Garlic Ranch Chicken Skewers

by Chris Carlton

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Garlic Ranch Chicken Skewers are the perfect way to enjoy kabobs this summer. Get grilling with this easy to make chicken that has all the flavor on each skewer!

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Chicken skewers laying on Reynolds wrap with bell peppers and onions in separate glass bowls.

Grilled Garlic Ranch Chicken Skewers

Start your evening off with a delicious and simple dinner. I love making skewers on the grill in the summer time. It is quick and easy to assemble and add right onto the grill. The chicken has a nice garlic ranch flavoring and becomes tender and juicy once cooked. Add vegetables on the skewers to add flavor and a soft, crunchy texture that completes the meal. The chicken and vegetables make the perfect combination!

With the help of Reynolds Wrap® Non-Stick Foil, the skewers are assembled and laid flat on the Reynolds Wrap® non stick foil. To help keep the grill clean and free from the chicken sticking or the vegetables falling through the grates. Reynolds Wrap® Non-Stick Foil will cook the chicken skewers perfectly, giving it a steamy covering while grilling it from the inside out, without any of the chicken and vegetables getting stuck to the foil. These garlic ranch chicken skewers are so tender and flavorful your family is going to be begging for more.

Garlic Ranch Chicken Ingredients:

Easy ingredients that are always on hand. Cut the chicken into the same size for the best cooking. Slice the vegetables to a similar size and add them in-between the chicken. Together the garlic ranch flavor and Reynolds Wrap® Non-Stick Foil will create the perfect dinner!

  • Dry Ranch Dressing Mix: Simple way of adding the most flavor to your chicken.
  • Olive Oil: Mix well with the dressing to create a baste that can be brushed over the chicken and vegetables.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Gives a sweet and spicy taste to the ingredients.
  • Garlic: Adds some intense flavoring over the chicken skewers.
  • Chicken: Cut into 1 inch chunks of pieces.
  • Bell Peppers, Red Onion and Zucchini: Chop evenly and flat to be able to slide onto the skewers evenly.
  • Reynolds Wrap® Non-Stick Foil: Create a grill packet using foil to help cook, grill and steam the chicken and vegetable skewers.
  • Wooden Skewers: Great for holding onto the chicken and vegetables while cooking.

Let’s Grill Some Chicken Skewers!

A trick using the Reynolds Wrap® non stick foil is to make a grill shield by folding a sheet of foil in thirds like a business letter. Slip it under the exposed parts of bamboo skewers when grilling kebabs to help keep them from burning.

  1. Whisk Together Ingredients: Preheat grill to medium-high heat.  In a large bowl whisk together the dry ranch mix, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and garlic.  Add in the chicken, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, red onion and zucchini and toss to coat.
  2. Prepare Skewers: Lay down a sheet of foil with the dull side up.  Thread the chicken and vegetables onto the wooden skewers.  Lay evenly across the foil.  Fold up the edges and tightly close around the skewers.
  3. Grill the Chicken Skewers: Place the foil pack on the fire or grill.  Let the kaboobs grill on each side about 5-7 minutes, or until chicken is cooked throughout and no longer pink.

Two photos next to each other. One with the garlic ranch seasoning mix and the other photo with the chicken and vegetables being stirred together with the mix.

How Long Do You Soak Bamboo Skewers?

It is best to soak bamboo or wooden skewers for about 30 minutes long. You can even soak them overnight in water. Well, soaked skewers will last longer on the grill without burning up the ends of the sticks.

Four photos being used in the process of making chicken skewers with Reynolds wrap foil packet.

Chicken skewers wrapped in foil.

What Temperature Do You Grill Skewers At?

Chicken is grills quickly! Place the chicken skewer foil packet on the grill directly. Prepare the grill for direct heat grilling over medium to medium-high heat. This ranges from 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the grill. Allow the grill to preheat for about 10 to 15 minutes. Use a meat thermometer to determine if your chicken is cooked through properly before taking it off the skewers.

Chicken and vegetables on a white plate with Reynolds wrap box on the side.

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