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Lettuce Salad With Yogurt Ranch, Hazelnuts & Cranberries

by Chris Carlton

Combine the salad dressing ingredients in a bowl, whisk well and transfer to a jar. The recipe makes about 1+1/4 cups and you can keep the leftovers for other salads or serve with grilled veggies.

Give the lettuce halves a little wash and pat dry using paper towels (kitchen roll). Arrange the halves on a platter or on a chopping board.

Place the toasted hazelnuts on a chopping board and use a large knife to press down on the nuts (with the flat side!) to crush them in halves. I like to also roughly chop the cranberries.

Drizzle each half of the lettuce generously with the dressing and top with the nuts and cranberries. Feel free to sprinkle some fresh herbs on top. I love dill or parsley on this salad. Serve right away.

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